2016 is Ending…Finally.

December 26, 2016

2016 is almost over. Ho hum. Like many people, I’m quite ready for a shiny new year to begin with fresh optimism and goals. Not much “BIG” happened this year writing-wise. No achievements were unlocked, no contracts were signed, and no books were published. But that doesn’t mean nothing happened!

I did write a few short stories, I finished a book (currently proofing it), I finished the first novella in a trilogy, I won NaNoWriMo despite the odds (I’m still high off that one), and I made progress on lots of my projects (as well as started a few more…oops.) I’m hoping to announce some good news about a short story in January, but the good news may be postponed. (It WILL happen, it’s just a matter of when.)

Right now I can see publishing four or five things next year, minimum, ranging from novellas to novels in the genres of fantasy, romance, YA, and public domain (one of the new projects that I’m VERY excited to be working on, plus I have a partner in crime). I probably won’t announce everything on this blog since most of them will be under pseudonyms, and what’s the point of pseudonyms if I tell everybody what they are?!? Some of these projects are currently being shopped around to agents, though I know better than to make any bets 😉 There’s always that dang hope though! Better than not having it, I suppose.

2016 was a pretty big year for me in library-land. I switched job titles and got to work on our first con, which was a resounding success. We are already gearing up for the next one! As promised, here is a rather belated infographic detailing my first experience/experiment with cosplay

Take care until next time,